Auto Care Of Redwood Shores is committed to protecting the environment. At Auto Care Of Redwood Shores you can be assured that all lubricants and fluids removed from your vehicle are recycled. 

For instance, used motor oil, gear oil and automatic transmission fluid is hauled away by a licensed contractor and re-refined into heating oil or bunker fuel oil.

When your air conditioning system is serviced, the Freon is evacuated from your A/C system and captured. It is then recycled. No Freon is emitted into the atmosphere. 

Used coolant from your cooling system is also 100% recycled. 
We do not have any underground buried tanks. Motor oil is stored in steel storage tanks which are UL approved, easily accessible and located in leakproof concrete basements. 

Auto Care Of Redwood Shores is state certified used oil collection centers. In other words, we will accept used motor oil from the general public at no cost.